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How to Use Essential Oils For Thyroid Conditions

 While you should still see your doctor help treat your thyroid condition, it is possible to start finding relief from the symptoms now with essential oils. The following essential oils are the best ones to use for your thyroid condition.


Peppermint is excellent essential oil that is used for many different medical conditions. With thyroid conditions, it helps with a lot of the side effects, including brain fog, fatigue, headaches, and depression. These are all common symptoms of having an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism. Peppermint essential oil can be added to the foods or drinks you consume, such as by adding a drop to your chamomile tea in the evening. This is actually a great way to have it since the tea can also help you relax and help with any of the sleeping problems you are experiencing.


You can also try using rosemary essential oil alone or in a blend to help with your underactive thyroid. This essential oil helps with your hair thinning and hair loss, joint pain, stress, and digestive issues. With rosemary essential oil, it helps to apply to the areas of your body or skin that are affected by the thyroid condition. This includes rubbing it on your scalp to help with hair thinning or applying it to your sore joints. Make sure when applying essential oil directly to your skin, you are mixing it with a carrier oil first.


When you use frankincense essential oil, you want to choose a food-grade version of the oil so that you can add it to food or drinks to help with your hormone levels. It not only helps to balance out hormones, it helps with digestive problems, stress, and dry skin, all of which are related to thyroid conditions.


Lemongrass is one of the best essential oils you can use for your thyroid condition. It can help with a both overactive and underactive thyroid, helping with physical and mental side effects of these conditions. Some of the main things lemongrass help with are physical, including inflammation and joint pain, digestive issues, headaches, and dry skin. Lemongrass is good for all different types of uses, from mixing with a carrier oil and applying it to your skin, to adding it to your tea or putting a few drops in your bath. 

You can also use different blends of essential oils to get even more impact from them.


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