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Diabetes in Different Life Stages for Women

Type 2 diabetes is something that affects both males and women fairly equally, though it can be a little different for women. One way it is different is based on what occurs when a woman is in a certain stage of her life. Here is what you should know about diabetes in women, and during the different life stages, she goes through.

Early Life

The first stage of life where you need to be concerned with diabetes as a woman is an early life. This is typical during adolescent years between pre-teen and teenage years. Type 1 diabetes is something you are born with, but it rarely shows itself before you are about 10 years old. Type 2 diabetes you can also get during your teens, often from a genetic risk, obesity, and many other factors. Getting diabetes at this young age creates more complications for things like diabetic eye disease, so it is important that you or your teenager stick to the diet laid out to you by your doctor.

Early Adult

The next life stage for women is early adulthood, which can range between 18 or 19 years old up to your early 40s. During this time, it is known as your reproductive life stage, where you can get pregnant and start a family. There are a lot of women around this age that have diabetes and don’t realize it or get pregnant and are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Some adolescents who have type 1 diabetes are not diagnosed with it until they reach this age, but type 2 diabetes tends to be a little more common during early adulthood.


The next life stage is when you get to the middle-aged years, between around 45 years old until your early 60s. This is when there is an increase in women who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This form of diabetes does tend to be more common with older women, so if you are a middle-aged woman in the United States, you are at a considerably higher risk. Women of this age with diabetes also have a higher risk of developing heart disease, so don’t go too long before you get tested and have a treatment plan by your doctor.


Lastly, there are senior women who are 65 years or older. It is very common in women of this age, plus the side effects and potential complications of diabetes get higher for women of this age. You need to be concerned about heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes symptoms like nerve damage and vision loss.


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